Online Commerce and Payments

Recognize more legitimate transactions, faster.

Create a frictionless customer experience and approve more legitimate transactions while minimizing the burden of manual reviews.


More identities. Deeper connections. Better approval decisions.

Instantly approve transactions around the globe with automated trust-based decisioning.

Unmatched Coverage

We know more emails, phones, and the people behind them.

Deep Connections

More connections between individuals make it easy to approve legitimate multi-party transactions.

Automated Approvals

Decrease false declines and automatically approve more legitimate transactions.

Scaling approvals with automation

Automated decisioning allows Apruvd to reduce manual reviews by 20-40%.

Ease the grind of manual reviews.

Automate more of your decisions and scale your business while alleviating the burden on your transaction review team.


Don’t let false declines hurt your bottom line.

Minimize false positives with an instant Trust Score™ that gives you the confidence to approve more transactions while keeping fraud at bay.

More than 70% of declined orders are actually legitimate, costing merchants $443 billion annually. 
Source: Aite-Novarica Group


Put trusted users on the VIP fast lane.

Accurately separate legitimate account changes and chargebacks from account takeovers and malicious attacks.

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Go global with confidence.

With over 5 billion trusted identities worldwide, Pipl allows you to grow your business across borders without increasing fraud risk.


Trustworthy transactions start with trusted identities.

Tap into the most comprehensive online identity data and trust signals to automate decisioning with confidence.

5+ Billion

Trusted Identities

28 Billion

Unique Identifiers

740 Billion

Trust Signals

A complete solution for scalable, identity-driven transaction verification.
Integrated into your workflow.

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Sell more.
Lose less.
Sweat optional.

Be ready for the next generation of AI-powered fraud.  

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