Compliance Resources

Pipl operates as an identity resolution engine, so we collect multiple pieces of personal information from a large variety of sources that are already publicly available and make them available to our customers.

One way of collecting public information is scanning and indexing web pages, our deep search robot continuously crawls the web and extracts names, locations, age, facts and other relevant information from general web documents, personal profiles, public records, phone directories, blogs, news articles, scientific publications and many other types of pages - this data is then processed and indexed so it can be searched by anyone, provided that legitimate purposes for the use of such data are previously defined and agreed upon.

Other ways of collecting information is licensing publicly available information such as phone directories, professional listings or scanning old public archives.

We always maintain high standards of ethics and compliance to ensure we follow every applicable law and regulation; regardless of the data sourcing method we use, we maintain a clear audit log for any data added to our service to ensure we can keep track of data source quality, licensing and regulatory changes.

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