Permissible Use

At Pipl, our mission is to provide easy access to true identity information so that trustworthy people can be trusted. We do that by helping our customers find the real person behind an identity fragment so that trustworthy people can be trusted. In doing that, we maintain high standards of privacy, compliance, and ethics.

The following outlines our policy for the permissible use of our services by our customers. Every customer who wishes to access Pipl services must identify themselves and the purpose for using our services and we take pride in vetting every single customer to ensure our identity solutions are used for a permissible purpose in accordance with the applicable law, as well as Pipl’s internal policies and ethics. We also adopt additional legal measures in the preparation and performance of contracts to ensure that our customers are bound by specific purpose limitation obligations that prevent them from using personal data in ways that may be deemed unlawful under the legislation in force.

The requirement(s) for purpose are based on both legal & ethical principles, especially those relating to the protection of personal data. Below are some of the restrictions we put in place to ensure the lawful and ethical use of our services:

  • Pipl Services may not be used in any way that violates or infringes in any way upon fundamental individual rights and freedoms, especially those relating to freedom of speech and the protection of privacy and personal data.
  • Pipl Services may not be used for sending mass unsolicited email (SPAM) or mass unsolicited phone calls.
  • Pipl Services shall not be used for the purpose of entrapment.
  • Pipl Services shall not be used for a political campaign.
  • Pipl Services shall not be used by anyone who refuses to disclose or provides false information about their identity and how they intend to use our services.

If you have any questions regarding our permissible use policy please contact us using this form.