My Information & Privacy

Who is Pipl?

Pipl is a provider of identity solutions. We aim to provide the best identity information to organizations in order to ensure that trustworthy people can be trusted. Our identity solutions and services aim to protect businesses and consumers alike, especially striving to ensure that unauthorized third parties are unable to use a person’s personal information for fraud or other unlawful purposes.

What about my privacy?

Understanding the potential sensitivity of identity data makes privacy a very important issue for us, so we have built our solutions with privacy by design principles in mind to ensure that our privacy features stay ever-relevant in the face of evolving privacy regulations around the world. We invite you to visit our Privacy Center for more information on how we process and protect your personal data, and also on your rights as a data subject and how to exercise them.

How did Pipl obtain my personal information?

Pipl operates as an identity resolution engine, so we find multiple pieces of personal information that are already publicly available and make them available to our customers. Our solutions help our customers in their decision-making process regarding whether people or transactions can be trusted based on a combination of the information they provide with other information that is publicly available, such as when a purchase is made online and a variety of verifications have to be made to make sure that the transaction is valid and not the result of fraud. Please click here to learn more about our data collection practices.

Can I remove my information?

Yes, if you prefer that certain information is not included in our services, please submit a request in this opt-out form. However, please note that there may be some situations where the interests arising out of our identity verification and unlawful practices prevention may override your right to have your data removed from our services. Whenever this happens to be the case, know that the continued processing of your data is aimed solely at protecting your information from unlawful use by unauthorized third parties. We will let you know if we are unable to cease the processing of your information due to this following request for erasure.

What happens when I request to remove my information?

We may ask you to confirm your identity before processing a request for the removal of your information and once your request to remove information is processed, in the cases where we have no legitimate reasons to maintain your data in our services, the information will no longer be available to our customers in any of our services.

Please note that since Pipl is used by most of the largest e-commerce organizations as a means for identity verification and fraud prevention, removing your information from Pipl may result in additional identity confirmation requirements when you shop online or at any other time you are asked to confirm your identity online. As a consequence, any such removal of your data from our services may also result in an increased risk of having unauthorized third parties use your information unlawfully, provided that, in such cases, we will no longer be able to provide our customers with reliable identity verification evidence relating to your data.

In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, even information you asked to remove from Pipl services may still be provided for certain purposes such as crime investigation, law enforcement, or as otherwise authorized in connection with the legitimate interests of organizations processing your data.

How accurate is the information?

Pipl does not verify the accuracy of the facts or the relevance of the information in each result; we merely cite publicly available information as interpreted by our systems. This means that if the sources where information is made publicly available (such as governmental platforms) are listing information that is outdated or otherwise incorrect, we will not be able to verify the accuracy of such data beyond what we are able to verify from information that is publicly available. In addition, since no algorithm is perfect, some interpretation or processing errors are possible; we'll be happy to receive your feedback and will try to improve our systems accordingly.

Some information about me is wrong - can I fix it?

Given the nature of the data we collect and process in our services, we are unfortunately unable to update any records relating to you in cases where they are outdated, incorrect, or are no longer relevant. This is due to our inability to amend publicly available information in a reliable way without risking the integrity of the data as provided in its original form. If you believe that we may be processing outdated or otherwise incorrect information about you, you may ask us to remove it by submitting a request in this opt-out form.

What are my rights under Brazilian Law?

Your personal data belongs only to you and Brazilian law grants you certain rights in connection with such data. Please see our Privacy Policy to understand more about what your rights are and how you can exercise them with Pipl.

If you have any additional questions or comments please contact us using this form.